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Central Canada Drummer eliminates bootblack title contest

DNA restructures bootblack contest to “Attendees Choice” celebration

Toronto, Canada — Central Canada Drummer region has eliminated its regional bootblack title contest. This follows the decision by Drummer North America (DNA) to restructure its bootblack title to an “Attendees Choice” celebration.

The Central Canada bootblack contest was launched with the creation of region in the fall 2014 — however, no bootblack contestants stepped forward to compete in 2015, nor for the upcoming 2016 contest weekend.

Central Canada Drummer fetish weekend events at Club120 will space for “open shine” for any bootblacks that want to bring their kit and set up a bootblack station.

Here is the February 17, 2016, announcement by Drummer North America

“With the success of DNA 2016 still fresh, we’re already planning for next year. Heading into DNA weekend, one topic of discussion among organizers and producers was the apparent lack of participation of bootblacks. With a lack of interest by bootblacks at the regional level, and no contestants for Drummer Bootblack this year, we have been asking ourselves — Why?

“Where have all the gay identified male bootblacks gone? Do we broaden who can compete for our title? Would that hurt other bootblack contests? Do we just get rid of our title? Depending on who you ask, the answers are mixed. And, we all know in reality there is never just one answer — and, it’s also likely that we’ll never really be 100% certain about ‘why?’

“So, we’re going to experiment for DNA 2017. Better yet — we’re simplifying! And we’re doing so to focus on what is in the hearts of bootblacks everywhere — the fun, camaraderie and love of shining.

“Moving forward, the DNA executive board, with input from our regional producers, has decided to simplify the DNA Weekend Bootblack contest to an “Attendee’s Choice” format.

“DNA will celebrate all things bootblack by allowing any bootblack, regardless of gender or orientation, to fill a shift and work the stands during our contest weekend. The bootblack with the most ballots at the end of the weekend will be celebrated as the Drummer Bootblack for that year.

“The winner of the weekend event will be recognized from the stage and will receive a prize package (still to be determined). No formal title, patch, or travel fund will be issued. The bootblack who wins the weekend contest will be ineligible to compete the following year, but is encouraged to attend and cheer on the next generation and successor.

“We hope this change will allow us to show that bootblacking is an important part of our fetish, kink, and leather communities and the Drummer North America weekend. Our hope is that bootblacks who have already held titles and bootblacks wanting to practice for upcoming contests will bootblack side by side simply for the love of bootblacking.”